Full Product List

We have the following varieties available (listed in order of picking time and availability):

Strawberries, in June

Sweet Cherries, in July

Raspberries , in July

Yellow plums, in July

Vista Bella (a cooking and eating apple), at the end of July

Pie Cherries, at the end of July

Jersey Mac (an eating apple), in August

Clapp (the best pear for canning, and good for eating, too)

Paula Red (a cooking and eating apple), in late August

Blue Plums, in August

McIntosh (an eating apple; also good for apple sauce), from September to Christmas

Cortland (a cooking and eating apple) available from October to Christmas

Empire and Spartan (eating apples), from October to January

Bartlett pears, both red and green types (for canning and eating)

Anjou pears (excellent for canning and eating)

Mutsu (also knows as Crispin – a cooking and eating apple)

Golden and Red Delicious (eating apples), from October to February

Northern Spy (eating, cooking and drying apples), from October to February

Tolman Sweet (for eating, cooking and making apple butter)

Idared (a cooking apple, and the best for long term storage), from October to May

Bosc pears (for eating), from October to Christmas

Harrow pears (for canning), from October to January

Royal Gala (delicious, crisp apples for eating and baking apple pie), not yet in production

Honeycrisp (a sweet eating apple), not yet in production

Early Golden (a sweet eating apple), not yet in production


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